Why Choose Magento?

[blockquote author=”” link=”” link_title=”” target=””]People often ask us why we work with Magento. Today we’re going to give you 10 Reasons to Choose Magento as your next E-Commerce Platform. [/blockquote]

01. Budget

Magento works with every budget. Whether you are a start up looking to take your first steps into e-commerce or whether you are an established brand, keen to give your customers something that they can get their teeth into, Magento has it covered. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at our Magento packages.

02. Scalability

Magento is a scalable e-commerce piece of software, meaning that as your company evolves and changes, your site can change and develop with you. Regardless of the number of products or the size of your company, Magento is bespoke to your needs.

03. One roof

Magento gives you the ability to manage all content and pages, sales and invoicing, categories and products under one roof and from one back office. You can have several logins all with different levels of access for multiple users.

04. Open source

Magento is an open source piece of software. This means that the code is open to the public and therefore if there is an issue you are not bound by Magento in a service agreement if there is a problem.

05. Features and modules

As mentioned Magento has all of the functionality that you require to run a successful online store, but if over time your requirements grow there are several modules and plug-ins that can be utilised to enhance the site. If there is something that you would like, there is probably a module for it. AND a lot of them are free.

06. Search engine friendly

Magento is 100% search engine optimisable. Search engine friendly code, URLs and meta data for products, categories and pages. There is also a built in Google sitemap. This gives a sound basis and foundation for further search engine optimisation.

07. Reporting

There is a built in reporting system for exporting information relating to sales, products and customer activity. Analytics is also installed as standard, so you can fully track user behaviour.

08. Promotions and marketing

Built in Newsletter functionality for quickly communicating with your subscribed customers. Magento allows you to set up discount vouchers, tiered pricing, up sells, cross sells and related items, send to a friend, tag products and integrate Google Base to sell your products through Google Shopping too.

09. Versatile design

The look and feel of Magento comes in three offerings; out-of-the-box theme, an out-of-the-box theme with some customisation or completely bespoke design, fully customised. There is also a wealth of Magento themes available to purchase which can be used to skin your website.

10. Recognised platform

The Magento e-commerce platform provides the scalability, flexibility and features required for an online business to grow whether they are a start-up company or high street giant.

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