About SAK

We are an IT company. We provide different software solution. Webpage creation ,Software Development using Microsoft Technology, PHP, Android, IOS, RIM software development.Being innovatively talented, the dynamic team at SAK offers technology driven digital solutions in Ahmedabad and Pune. Passionate about the ever-growing digital world, the young founders brought SAK to life in 2010 fulfilling their dream of being a one stop digital solutions provider with an expertise in the domain of e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, custom development, cloud hosting, server management and monitoring, security solutions and technology consulting.

Who we are

Though we’re experts with a proven track record and a great reputation for helping companies do business faster, better and smarter than before, we never let ourselves forget that we’re fortunate to have our clients and not the other way around. From start-ups at incubation, to global giants, we’ve been lucky to work with some of the bravest brands in the world, to help them create fast, efficient bespoke solutions that solve their real-world problems. We say lucky because for our ever-expanding workforce, it’s not just a job – technology is a vocation.

Founded in 2010 on a solid foundation of honest family values, we’ve built lasting relationships that have kept us on the cutting edge of innovation ever since. Our belief in not fitting a technology to fix a problem but finding a dedicated solution for you, whatever technology it takes, has allowed us to continue to inspire, transform and create synergies that shape the digital space. Whatever you need, we’re inviting you to grow with us and together we can integrate technologies with infinite possibilities.

Together towards tomorrow

We collaborate with companies worldwide to craft unique IT solutions, provide cutting-edge technical consultation and integrate business-changing systems. We’re humbled that many of the largest companies outsource their business needs to us, including leaders in retail, travel, E-commerce, education, hospitality, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, supply-chain management, lifestyle, non-profits and banking, financial services & insurance.

We’ve offices in Ahmedabad & Pune, any of which you’re welcome to drop in to, to discuss how we can help you and maybe, even start a relationship.